A tailgate party is defined as a social event held on and around the parking lot near the open tailgate of a vehicle. This passion that we have invented, often is shown to be one of the best times hanging with family and friends and includes your favorite drinks, food, and entertainment. A parking lot of a stadium or field near a concert has no barriers when you want to set up the best tailgate game on the market, BULZiBUCKET. These parties have spread the pre-game festivities at every sporting event, not just football, but hockey, soccer, and baseball. And not only for just sporting events, but non-sporting events to, like your sisters wedding or your neighbors barbecue. BULZiBUCKET would be the perfect game for everything.

Lawn games such as cornhole, ladder golf, and horseshoes are very popular during tailgates and tailgate parties. But none compare to the fun, durability, and portability of BULZiBUCKET. Lawn games are associated with tailgating primarily because of the simplicity in the game materials. Which BULZiBUCKET is made from the strongest and lightest materials we could get.

BULZiBUCKET is the staple game of any tailgate party. It’s probably the most popular, being super easy to learn and the most fun, with or without being difficult to understand or set up.

Two raised targets boards, each player, or team member, standing on the far end. Players take turns to toss bags towards the opposing target, scoring 3 points if the bag lands in the top tier, 2 if then land in the midder, and 1 point if the bag lands in the bottom tier. The first to 21 points wins.

This game was designed by tailgate party animals but they also made it kid friendly so you need to make a choice whether it is for the ankle-biters or for you. From age 7 to 77, this game is fun, easy and competitive. This game is going to make you the star of the tailgate with your guests and all the passer by’s.