Are you a Physical Education teacher looking to bring BULZiBUCKET® to your school? We’d love to be apart of your curriculum with our portable and durable indoor/outdoor interactive game. We have special pricing for teachers and schools and would love nothing more than to bring even more fun and physical activity to schools all over the U.S.

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I first came across BULZiBUCKET in May of 2018.  I love teaching backyard games in my physical education classes because it teaches the students about lifetime activities, a key component to physical education instruction.  I contacted the company and bought a set so I could test it out with some students.  I knew BULZiBUCKET was going to be a hit because when my class was playing cornhole, I noticed a lot of the kids trying to kick the bags back onto the board that were tossed too far.  When I finally took BULZiBUCKET out for my classes, there was a lot of interest in it.  The students were curious and once they saw how it was played, they wanted to give it a try.  Soon, there was a line to play the game.  The students loved the ability to assist their partner by kicking the bean bag back into the bucket.  I knew this game was going to be a hit in my classes.  I contacted the company and they were happy to work with my school district and help me with all of my questions.  I was able to make some switches with my budget order and get eight sets for my classes.  While BULZiBUCKET is a lot of fun to play, it also meets many of the National Physical Education Standards and is a great game to incorporate into any physical education program. 

Ryan Kearns
Middle School Physical Education Teacher
New York

BULZiBUCKET is definitely my favorite new piece of equipment in my Physical Education classroom. The genius is in the design. With three levels to score on, and the ability to revolve around the bucket in a 360 degree circle, the uses of this game are only limited to your imagination. You can play the traditional version which works on underhand throwing, overhand throwing, and foot skills (think hacky sack). Or you can break out some badminton rackets and a birdie (for example) and play a more challenging version that works on striking skills. So many uses. Great product.”

Kevin Tiller
West Elementary School