Position BULZiBUCKET targets 12′-15′ apart based on skill level. Assign bag colors to teams of 2 players. Partners line up on opposite ends. Players alternate throwing until all 3 bags are thrown NOTE: BAG WITH BLACK DOT IS WORTH DOUBLE POINTS, aka the “Bulzi Bag” or “Money Bag”. Use deductive scoring to calculate points for each round, e.g. team A scores 8 and team B scores 5, team A is awarded 3 points. Continue playing until the first team reaches at least 21 points while winning by 2 or more points.

The Evolution of BULZiBUCKET Hack It Bags

Over the years, we have tested out every brand and version of hacky sacks for our game. They need to be sturdy, durable, and even float! We started with 4 hack it bags per thrower, and now it’s 3 each. Why 3? Not only do the games last longer, but your skills come to the forefront because you have to make each throw count!

3 Ways to Play


Play straight up where you must throw your hacky sacks directly into the bucket to score. This style is enjoyed by the skilled throwers out there.

PICK YOUR FAVORITE THROWING STYLE – Underhand, Overhand, or Sidearm … there are many ways to hold and toss our bags.


This style is our trademark style for everyday play which allows your partner to assist you by hacking overthrown bags into the bucket for points.  No using your foot as a backboard, as all assist contact must be made outside the bucket perimeter.  NO HANDS ALLOWED!


Get ready hacky sack pros, this one’s for you!  This time you must receive the throw from your partner and hack the bag twice before taking the scoring shot. And remember,  NO HANDS ALLOWED!


21 points winning by 2 wins the game!

Get the bag into the the bucket and add number of points that bucket is worth to your score. Bucket values starting from the top are 3, 2 and 1 points.

Keep in mind though, the dotted bag is worth double!